Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eat clean. Train Dirty.

Moto for the week   
This is the number one thing I struggle with. Eating clean. I can make myself workout for hours a day but then turn around and someone offers me a cookie and BAM! im sold. This is a horrible horrible habit. Eating clean needs to be my lifestyle not my crash diet. 

To start I have found an amazing site.! Check it out. You might think its silly at first but you will learn to love it. Her workout videos are fun and you never get bored. She has awesome tips and recipes for eating healthy and she updates tips everyday. I'm kinda addicted. I have printed her workout calender and food guide. Hopefully this will work. For the week I have set some plans to help me out. 

1. Pre cut lettuce for salads. 
2. Grill chicken breast and freeze for easy eating. 
3. Go to the store buy Stevia and Quinoa 
4. Drink more smoothies
5. Add fruits and veggies to every meal. 
Plus im testing out the Magic Minute Muffin and a Mug. Ill let you know how it is.

This is a POP Pilates video. The first one I have done but in love. <3 br="br">

Monday, August 20, 2012

At first I was afraid.

Nasca is gone for two weeks. What will I do without my trainer. For one keep a very detailed journal of my eating habits and workouts. Second I will continue to work on my form and strength and find new workouts to keep me busy.

Today stared with reactivating my account with MyFitnessPal and changing out the motivation quotes on my wall. This week will be good.

I will survive.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day one fail

48 days until my first 5k
30 days until my 23rd birthday
I want to be conditioned enough to run most of my race and feel good doing it and my goal was to loose five pounds by my birthday.
To do this I will:
Tuesday and Friday workout with N
Tuesday yoga or swimming
Monday and W Zumba
Thursday swimming
Weekend do what I can.
Run three times a week.
I did so well today until I got home from work. I then ate two doughnuts and didn't workout because my cousin was here.

Getting back on track.

Its been awhile since I have written in here. My goal is to write a few times a week about my fitness goals, how I'm feeling, and struggles or gains I have made. This should help to keep me on track. I really want to be able to Blog on my phone but for some reason this isn't working. I'm trying to get this fixed. Or better said I will get this fixed.

Last week I was feeling awesome. After being down a bit about my weight and goals I had a heart to hear with my trainer. We came up with a few base rules and I began to use them. I cooked twice last week for the family resulting in delicious healthy meals. I also began to work out 5 times a week as well as change up my workout. I'm meeting with Nasca Tuesday and Friday and this will kick my butt. Monday and Wednesday I want to go to Zumba at the LSAC and Thursday I want to swim. Weekends while on the island I will go running or Hiking and make Ryan come with me. Hehe.

Since Thursday I have been sick with an ear infection and down all weekend. When I sick I don't seem to think about what I'm eating. Nor have I had the energy to workout. Tomorrow is a new day! I am feeling a bit better and am getting back on track. After working an eight hour day I might be too tired to workout but ill give it a shot.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The power to change

I discovered something today after talking to a friend.
If you don't like the situation your in, you are the only one with the power to change it.
                         How true is this statement.

My situation: Not like my body, wanting to loose weight and tone.
How I will change it: Be strong!

I need to cut most sugar out of my diet which I have been doing very well with but it seems to be so hard. This could be because of a Chromium deficiency so tomorrow I am going to begin taking fish oil. This will be good for other things as well. Yesterday I made sugar free banana oat cookies and they were delicious. It might be easier than I thought. I am going to continue to to watch what I eat. Add more fresh foods and protein. Plus workout at least five days a week. I know I can do this.

I cheated tonight and had pizza. Now I feel bad but will work out extra tomorrow. I'm alone with Nasca. Lets hope she doesn't kill me. This weekend I will be good! I can be good!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Let it snow.

I haven't had a chance to write much because Ive had some crazy adventures but my new lifestyle is going great. I love the way im feeling and am trying to inspire others to join me. My family wont give up sugar but we have increased the veggie intake. Also I am following the lean jean nutrition guide my trainer gave me. This is ten lifestyle changes and each week I pick three goals. This week.
1. Add fruits/veggies to every meal.
2. Take probiotics and supplements.
3. Eat after work out snack.

Now for my week recap.
  • Thursday - This day was hard. I was really craving sugar and wanted to eat everything in sight. When this happens im trying to choose something healthy. I think I will try a baked sweet potato with agave nectar and cinnamon. I was still very sore from my workouts so I took another day to rest. I felt bad not working out.
  • Friday - I have began to increase my water and veggie intakes. I saw Nasca today and worked on my tri pushup. I am already feeling stronger. I then drove down to White Pass to see Ryan and his team of snow sculptors. They made an awesome space ship crashing into the snow castle. If you ever get a chance check out the winter carnival.  I tried to choose healthy options like subway. Once I got there I helped shovel. Not to mention walking in the snow take a lot more effort. 
  • Saturday I went boarding! I haven't gone forever and sucked but it was still fun. Weather was not ideal but I loved it. Everything was free as I was with the "Carvers". White Pass was cute and it was fun meeting the staff. I broke the diet by eating Nachos and a Cheeseburger for dinner. It was so hard not to eat more lodge food. 
  • Sunday - We went back to the pass. I didn't board this day because of some fear and it was very icy. I drove home and rested. 
  • Today I ran a mile and did a Nasca workout. I went to get ingredients for morning smoothies/ post workout snacks. This will include wheat germ, soy yogurt, oats, protein powder and lots of yummy fruits. I am excited to try it. I also had an awesome taco salad! Yay for VEGGIES!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The start of something new.

Today I worked out with Nasca for the first time. Jeeze do I love that woman. She can work some magic. I'm so excited to meet with her twice a week! Not only did she give me a great workout she also gave me some nutrition guidelines and homework. Lifestyle changes I will be making and I'm ver excited.

This weeks goal eat fruits and veghies with everymeal.

After our workout I went to her yoga class where my legs then feeled like jello. Now I'm starting to feel sore in my thighs and arms. I love it!

As for food I did fairly well besides going to free pancake day at ihop. But hey we all need to live a little.

I also want to share this picture. I now live half The time on whidbey island and have fallen in love with the beach. My paradise.